About Us

About Hellga

This enterprise has its beginnings in 1992 where in the beggining was only a shopping company, but later thanks to achieved commercial success and qualities of products this enterprise managed to get transformed to production company.

The purpose of the owner was to reduce unemployment which was quite large in number, as well as market research showed that our city lacked such undertaking, those was more determined to achieve this goal.

HELLGA is located in the industrial road Tetovo -Skopje. It deals with wood manufacture and as a final product it gives different wood-made products such as furniture, kitchen, lobby, hotel rooms etc.

Based on the results of the company, success has never been absent but we should never be satisfied with what we have achieved, but each time you need to look forward and achieve more. We assure you the quality of our products and guarantee our class.

The total number of employees in this company is 60. This enterprise participated every year from 2004 in the furniture fair that helded in Skopje,where in 2005,2007,2009,2010,2011,2014 was awarded first place for quality at hand.

Hellga was proclaimed “Successful Company of 2007” by the Municipality of Tetovo, the results achieved in the field of productivity of furniture and contributing to our economic development in the municipality.